Tân Hawkes

I write about history, working class issues and lives, climate change and adaptation, and my PhD in gas, pollution and heritage.


Zero Carbon Britain: Framing the Climate Emergency. 2019 P8

Zero Carbon Britain: Rising to the Climate Emergency. 2019 P121

Time to say we will: Low Carbon Living 2050, Palgrave Macmillan. 2012

A Just Transition: Clean Slate, September 2020

Adaptation: From Coping To Transformation Clean Slate, 2020

Breaking the Spell of Loneliness: An Artistic Journey With George Monbiot: Clean Slate.

Speaking and webinars

Climate Justice: A Just Transition.
A webinar where I discuss a just climate transition for working class communities.

Whose stories? A webinar with the Open University discussing who gets to tell climate stories.